Pro Bono Students Canada



About PBSC

Pro Bono Students Canada provides legal services without charge to organizations and individuals in need in Canada. We are the only national law student program in Canada, and the first pro bono program to have been founded in Canada. PBSC has chapters at all 21 law schools in Canada.  Together, our law student volunteers serve communities from coast to coast, working to increase access to justice by offering high quality, professional legal assistance. PBSC has three key objectives:

  1. To provide law students with volunteer opportunities to develop their legal skills
  2. To have a positive impact on the legal profession by promoting the value of pro bono service to the next generation of lawyers
  3. To increase access to justice across Canada

Visit How We Help to learn more about the projects we run.

National Office

PBSC’s National Office is housed at the University of Toronto. The office is staffed by a team of seven staff members who oversee and guide the 45-50 law students we hire to run our local chapters across Canada. For profiles of PBSC staff see here.

Local Chapters

Every law school in the country houses a local PBSC chapter that is guided and supported by the National Office. Every year, 45-50 law students from across the country are hired to run these local chapters. These Program Coordinators take on a great deal of responsibility and a tremendous amount of challenging work. They develop projects, recruit volunteers, train and monitor students, hold PBSC events, and hire and transition their successors. Program Coordinators, who are closely supported by National Office staff and their On-site Supervisors, train the students in project development and management, provide them with the resources needed to create and administer programs, and support and guide their activities throughout the year. For a complete list of our local chapters, see here.