Pro Bono Students Canada

Volunteer and Partner Profiles

  • Terrah Smith – Former Coordinator

    Originally published on November 13, 2013 When she arrived at Western Law as a first-year student, Terrah Smith thought she would end up working in intellectual property law.  But she took a chance and got involved with the Family Law Project (FLP) at PBSC, where her warm and outgoing personality caused her to excel. Starting […]

  • Evelyn Dormer – Former Coordinator

    Evelyn Dormer volunteered with the pilot run of PBSC’s Tax Advocacy Project in her third year at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.  Like many law students, she had learned unique skills in law school, but had never had the opportunity to apply them and see how they worked.  When she got involved with […]

  • Gillian Marriott – PBSC Partner

    For Gillian Marriott, Q.C, law student pro bono is more than simply a training ground on the road to the legal profession. Marriot, Executive Director and founding member of Pro Bono Law Alberta (PBLA), credits student pro bono as “a key tool in dealing with the crisis of access to legal services”.  She observes that […]

  • Charmaine Panko – Lawyer Supervisor

    It’s hard to imagine how Charmaine Panko, associate with Miller Thomson in Saskatoon and mother of eleven children, finds time to give back to the community.  But give back she does – in spades. In addition to volunteering as a lawyer supervisor for Pro Bono Students Canada projects at the College of Law at the […]

  • Ronald Daniels

    Ronald J. Daniels was Dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for ten years, from 1995 to 2005. During his term, Ron founded Pro Bono Students Canada. He left U of T in 2005 to become Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, a position he held for four years. In 2009, he became […]

  • Junior Sirivar

    Twenty years ago in Romania, a pogrom forced 24 Roma families from their homes. When the families tried to return, they faced further persecution. A long history of marginalization and prejudice was stacked against them, stoking often violent and discriminatory treatment. The families filed criminal complaints with the local prosecutor’s office, and the Bucharest District […]

  • Danielle McLaughlin – PBSC Partner

    Back in 1996, Danielle McLaughlin received a phone call from David Steinberg, a recent law school graduate who had been tasked with helping set up Pro Bono Students Canada under Dean Ronald Daniels at the University of Toronto. Danielle was head of administration for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and David wanted her organization to […]

  • Megan Leslie – Former Coordinator

    In just five short years, Megan Leslie made the leap from PBSC student coordinator at Dalhousie University to Member of Parliament for Halifax. Serving the public and helping communities in need has always been her passion, and was part of what drew her to PBSC while at law school. “In my first year, I met […]

  • Pamela Kovacs – Former Coordinator

    Southeast of Regina, in rural Saskatchewan, is the municipality of Lajord and its population of less than 100. It’s a community in the truest sense, with tight-knit neighbours and no shortage of helping hands. Lajord is also where Pamela Kovacs, a PBSC alumnus, grew up. Though she eventually left for Regina—and has since found herself […]

  • Douglas Yoshida – PBSC Partner

    When some of the top oil and gas companies in Calgary need legal help, they call Douglas Yoshida, a partner in the Litigation Group at McCarthy Tétrault. And when PBSC program coordinators in Calgary need advice, Doug is also their top choice. Since 2004, he’s worked closely with student volunteers at the University of Calgary […]

  • Kathy Moulton – Former Coordinator

    Of the many high-needs areas for legal services, family law is right at the top. Demand is huge, with few support options for the thousands of litigants that can’t afford legal assistance or representation. The problem got exponentially worse for New Brunswick citizens in 2009, when government cuts to Legal Aid forced significant reductions in […]

  • Justice Harvey Brownstone – PBSC Supporter

    In 1997, Justice Harvey Brownstone stood before a group of University of Toronto faculty and students to raise awareness about a crisis developing in Ontario’s family Courts. The number of unrepresented litigants was growing exponentially after significant cuts to Legal Aid funding. Without new support mechanisms, the future of Ontario’s family justice delivery system looked […]

  • Christine Carron

    When PBSC’s chapter at McGill received a request from the Darfur/Sudan Peace Network to help them draft a privacy policy, the student coordinators worried that without a devoted lawyer supervisor for the project, they would have to reject the request and leave the organization struggling for help. Luckily, Christine Carron was only a phone call […]