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  • Symposium McCarthy Tétrault 2017

    Rédigé par: Ulric Caron, VP Journaliste, Université de Montréal C’est en veston, cravate et tailleur que se sont rencontrés les bénévoles de Pro Bono dans les luxueux bureaux de McCarthy Tétrault le 19 janvier dernier lors d’un symposium éclairant. Reconnu pour leur engagement pro bono et fier partenaire du Réseau d’étudiant national(e)s Pro Bono, McCarthy […]

  • The ID Project in Ottawa

    Lost IDs can create a huge barrier for people who are homeless or precariously housed. Pro Bono Students Canada volunteers at the University of Ottawa are making a huge impact by helping people in this community apply for IDs. Starting in October 2016, PBSC students at the University of Ottawa have been helping clients fill […]

  • Entretien avec Rime El Rhoul et Alexandre Csuzdi-Vallée du réseau national d’étudiants pro bono section Université de Montréal

    Dans une entrevue avec Atlas Média, Rime El Rhoul et Alexandre Csuzdi-Vallée, étudiants en droit à l’Université de Montréal et coordonnateurs du programme du réseau national d’étudiants pro bono section Université de Montréal, discutent les difficultés constatées au pays en matière d’accès à la justice. Ils discutent également la mission du réseau national d’étudiants pro […]

  • Fellow will focus on helping self-represented litigants

    Gabrielle Giroday, Legal Feeds, 4th July 2016 The national director of Pro Bono Students Canada will use a fellowship to look at how legal coaching may help self-represented litigants tackle their legal problems. Nikki Gershbain, head of Pro Bono Students Canada since 2010 and a former family lawyer, is one of the recipients of this year’s Community […]

  • Edward Iacobucci and Nikki Gershbain underline value of students in access to justice system

    In an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen, Edward Iacobucci, Dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and Nikki Gershbain, PBSC National Director, provide insight into the world of Pro Bono and the vital role law students play in filling gaps in the access to justice system. How students can help more people afford access to […]

  • The 5th National Pro Bono Conference Recognizes PBSC’s Efforts

      Click here to view the full page   Click here to view the pdf

  • DivorceMate Canada Gives Incredible Support to PBSC’s FLP!

    University of Toronto, Faculty of Law website – Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 Pro Bono Students Canada, the only national pro bono service organization in the world, has received a generous gift of $30,000 from DivorceMate, Canada’s leading provider of family law software, in support of PBSC’s Family Law Project. The campaign to save and expand the Family […]

  • Nexus Magazine Puts Spotlight on PBSC’s FLP & National Director Nikki Gershbain

    Cynthia Macdonald, Nexus, Spring/ Summer 2014. Illustration by Patrik Svensson When Catherine Lemieux’s relationship ended and she was deprived of her children, she had no idea she’d end up representing herself in court. But unable to afford a lawyer, she realized she’d have no choice but to go it alone. “I would rather have solved it […]

  • Nikki Gershbain for The Globe and Mail Writes About Being Out in Law

    Nikki Gershbain, The Globe and Mail, June 27, 2014   “The Court of Appeal had declared the existing definition of marriage unconstitutional, effective immediately.  I began to cry. Effective immediately, I was equal.”     As I find myself on the eve of Toronto’s World Pride day this weekend, making plans to march in the […]

  • Pro Bono Law Alberta Newsletter Profiles PBSC Projects!

    Pro Bono News, Pro Bono Law Alberta, May 20, 2014   Pro Bono Law Alberta is pleased to work with Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) chapters at both the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. PBSC projects and partnerships provide law students with opportunities to do pro bono work and foster a sense […]

  • Nikki Gershbain Writes About How Law Students Fill Access to Justice Gaps

    Nikki Gershbain, Legal Aid Ontario Blog, April 30, 2014   The access to justice crisis   There has been much discussion in the profession recently about what the Chief Justice of Canada has referred to as a crisis in the justice system. This crisis is shorthand for a number of systemic problems, including long delays, […]

  • UVic Encourages Alumni to Become PBSC Lawyer Supervisors

    Vistas, The UVic Law Alumni Magazine, Spring 2014 Considering Pro Bono? Already Engaged in Pro Bono Work? Boost the Benefits by Becoming a Lawyer Supervisor for UVic Law Pro Bono Students Canada Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) matches law student volunteers with community organizations in need of legal services. Last year, with the generous support […]

  • Encouraging Pro Bono – Nikki Gershbain Inspires Canadian Lawyer Magazine to Conduct Pro Bono Survey

    Gail Cohen, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, April 7, 2014   It was a tough choice not to write about the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision denying Stephen Harper’s appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the top court. It has so many juicy elements: politics, Quebec’s unique role, the Constitution, the quality of legal drafting, good and […]

  • Firms Recognize PBSC in 2014 Law Firm Pro Bono Survey

    Gail Cohen, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, April 7, 2014   Across the country lawyers find the time to participate in interesting and important pro bono projects that give back to their communities and aid in providing access to justice for those who might not otherwise be able to afford legal counsel. This year, we asked law firms across […]

  • A Place for Pro Bono in the Legal Profession – PBSC National Director Offers Her Insight

    Charlotte Santry, Canadian Lawyers Magazine, April 7, 2014   More than half of lawyers believe the profession has a duty to provide pro bono services, according to a survey of readers across the country conducted by Canadian Lawyer. But a strong majority of respondents oppose making pro bono work mandatory, and 60 per cent feel […]

  • Supreme Court Chief Justice is Guest of Honor at PBSC Appreciation Event

    University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, April 4, 2014   The chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Beverly McLachlin, was the guest of honour at Pro Bono Students Canada’s volunteer appreciation event hosted recently at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Law students from the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall chapters came together to hear the […]

  • Wig Contest and ‘Mane Event’ Panel put Spotlight on Flip Your Wig For Justice Campaign at UofT

    University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, April 3, 2014   Law students, faculty and staff put on quite the show recently, donning electric-coloured wigs for a good cause, and raising $3,332 for access to justice initiatives in Ontario.   Flip Your Wig for Justice is a pledge-based awareness campaign, in support of seven non-profit organizations […]

  • PBSC National Firm Partner McCarthy Tétrault Shows Support for Pro Bono

    Amanda Laren, McCarthy Tétrault Intranet, April 3 2014 On Thursday March 13, 2014, we were honoured to host the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Right Honourable Beverly McLachlin, as the keynote speaker at a reception to celebrate the amazing Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) volunteers in our Toronto office. More than […]

  • Flip Your Wig for Justice Inspires Osgoode Students and Faculty

    Citlally Maciel, Obiter Dicta, March 24, 2014   In the foreword of the Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters Report: A Roadmap for Change, Chief Justice McLachlin said, “the problem of access to justice is not a new one. As long as justice has existed, there have been those who struggled to access […]

  • Wills Project Provides Vital Service and Practical Experience

    Karen Gross, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, March 21, 2014 Although he had been living with HIV for about 20 years and had survived a serious car accident that left him with some long-standing injuries, Dakota Marks had never given much serious thought to writing a will. Not until his close friend and longtime […]

  • Chief Justice Encourages PBSC Students to Embrace Pro Bono Work

    Zachary Pedersen, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, March 17, 2014     Aspiring law students heard from Canada’s top judge last week that the volunteer program they are a part of is something she wishes was available when she was a law student.   “When I went to law school, there was no such thing as a […]

  • Insight on the SCC from Chief Justice McLachlin at PBSC Volunteer Appreciation Event

    Joseph Brean, National Post, March 13, 2014 After three decades of judicial effort largely focused on interpreting the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, the Supreme Court of Canada’s work in the coming years will focus ever more on aboriginal treaties and conflict between Canada and its First Nations, according to the Chief Justice. “We’re in the […]

  • BLG Puts Its Own Spin on Flip Your Wig for Justice

    Dimitri Bollegala and Pamela Seto, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, March 5, 2014 It is no secret access to justice in Ontario is in a grave state. A recent report by the Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters, chaired by Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas A. Cromwell, stated nearly 12 million […]

  • PBSC Prepares to Flip Our Wigs for Justice on March 6th!

    Originally posted on CNW, Feb. 27, 2014 The countdown to Flip Your Wig for Justice is on, as members of the justice community and public prepare to “flip their wigs” on March 6, 2014 to spark dialogue about Canada’s access to justice crisis and raise funds to support non-profit organizations committed to providing resources and access to legal support in Ontario. 2014 marks Flip […]

  • Lorne Sossin Speaks to Law Times TV about Flip Your Wig for Justice

    Law Times News, February 24, 2014 Click here to access the video

  • Law Times Covers Flip Your Wig’s Colourful Campaign

    Law Times Newspaper, February 24, 2014 Click here to access article  

  • Flip Your Wig for Justice has Lawyers Wearing Wacky Wigs

    Jessica Smith Cross, Metro News, February 13, 2014 Have you heard the one about the lawyer who wore a clown wig to court? It’s not a joke. On March 6, some legal professionals and their supporters will be wearing wigs as part of the inaugural Flip Your Wig for Justice fundraiser. The participants have collected pledges […]

  • Paralegal Scope Magazine Promotes Flip Your Wig for Justice

    Elizabeth, Paralegal Scope Magazine, February 5, 2014 If you attend court March 6, you may notice something a little odd. Don’t be surprised if you see members of the legal community donning traditional barrister’s wigs, rainbow wigs and other wacky wigs. The wigs are part of “Flip Your Wig for Justice” — an awareness campaign […]

  • Appeal from Campaign for Family Justice Chair Philip Epstein Q. C.

    By Philip Epstein, January 24 2014, Ontario Bar Association   Recently I was approached by Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) to help save one of their longstanding programs, the Family Law Project (FLP). The FLP is a vital court service at risk of closure. I have agreed to Chair a fundraising campaign – the Campaign for […]

  • Lawyers flip their wigs for the Flip Your Wig Campaign

    By Sebastien Bell, January 23 2014, Precedent Magazine Flip Your Wig for Justice invites lawyers to abandon their pride to help Ontario’s legal system. The campaign asks people from the legal community and beyond to don ‘wacky’ wigs on March 6 to raise both money for and awareness of issues regarding access to justice. Flip […]