Pro Bono Students Canada

$150K Donation for PBSC Campaign for Family Justice


From Law Times News, December 16 2013


Epstein Cole LLP has donated $150,000 to Pro Bono Students Canada’s campaign for family Justice.
As part of its family law efforts, the organization trains students to assist low-income families who don’t qualify for legal aid. Epstein Cole says the campaign “will save and expand Pro Bono Students Canada’s family law project, a vital court service that is at risk of closure.”
The campaign’s fundraising goal is $650,000. The money will help expand the program to additional Ontario courts, according to Epstein Cole. So far, the organization has $320,000.
“As a family lawyer, I know too well a relationship breakdown can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, particularly when there are children involved,” said Philip Epstein of Epstein Cole. “For poor and low-income Ontarians who can’t afford a lawyer, the stress is often unbearable.”
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