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Each of the 22 affiliated law schools operates a local PBSC chapter that offers meaningful volunteer opportunities to students and high-quality legal services to low-income individuals and the non-profit organizations that serve them.  Each chapter is supported by a local On-site Supervisor, selected by the Faculty, whose engagement with the program is critical to our success. Their role it is to assist, at minimum, with project review and budgets and, in some cases, hiring. Many On-site Supervisors go above and beyond these minimum duties, providing local support for the students, assisting them with the sometimes complex task of navigating the local law school landscape and culture, and working collaboratively with the National Office to develop new placements and partnerships, and to troubleshoot issues as they arise.  


Law schools also provide critical in-kind support including office space, and in some cases direct funding for the chapter. Local Finance Officers administer funds and assist with financial management of the program. Both On-site Supervisors and Finance Officers provide important continuity from year to year. For a full list of our partner law schools, click here.


program coordinators

          PBSC’s local chapters are run by law students. These passionate student leaders are hired by PBSC and the law schools to serve as local Program Coordinators. PBSC hires either one or two Coordinators for most chapters, and some chapters also hire a Family Law Project Coordinator, subject to available funding. 

Among their many duties, these student leaders: 

  • network with local organizations and members of the profession; 

  • recruit project partners and develop and coordinate legal placements; 

  • recruit lawyer supervisors; 

  • recruit and train volunteers; 

  • monitor and evaluate placements; 

  • host numerous PBSC events annually; 

  • hire and transition their successors; 

  • prepare (in many cases) detailed and thorough funding proposals and reports; and 

  • maintain strong relationships with local funders, partners and the law school community. 



Pro bono is the soul of justice and

the nobility of the profession.

Justice Claire l'Heureux-Dubé, Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada


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Founded in 1996, PBSC has touched the lives of students, lawyers, and organizations throughout Canada. Without the support of alumni, PBSC would not have the impact it has today.


We encourage alumni to donate, volunteer, and help shape the next generation of legal professionals. Thank you for your support!

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