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How to get deep empathy from the reader

Why do we read books?

We read fiction-entertaining genre literature-for new and vivid emotions. To cry and laugh with the characters, to resent injustice and triumph when evil is punished. To clench sweaty palms when the good guys are about to be ambushed. To see off the fallen in pain and rejoice when lovers are united against fate itself. To rub our hands over a lucky hunch and marvel at the exquisite unraveling of a mystery. And simply pay someone to do your essay put, we read to live a life in another - bright, magical, fairy tale - world.

And although this life is fictional, the emotions we experience are real. When we read, we get new emotional experiences, which means that we change and (hopefully) become better. Or at least mature and wiser.

That's the difference between good essays for sale books and bad books - they change their readers.

And now let's try to figure out what a book should be - and its characters - to elicit empathy of high intensity.

Not boring! - you will say first of all. And you'll be right.

But how to achieve it?

The answer is as simple as it is complicated - write with your heart.

This is an old and, let's face it, a bit too pretentious for our times. However, it most accurately expresses the main secret of good books: the authors wrote them with the blood of the heart - sincerely and deeply, letting through the pain and joy of their characters, and happiness and sorrow that happened in their worlds, and peace and quiet.

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