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Fatma Alobeid
University of Ottawa

Fatma Alobeid is a third-year law student at the University of Ottawa, with a BA degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Carleton University. Throughout her law school journey, she has been actively dedicated to promoting access to justice. 

At Carleton University, Fatma coordinated the Women's Learning, Advocacy, and Support Centre, showcasing her commitment to feminist pursuits. As Vice-President Advocacy at her law school, she continued her passion for advocating for students. 

In her second year, Fatma worked as a caseworker at Community Legal Services of Ottawa's Income Support Division, contributing to addressing access to justice issues, particularly in Ontario Disability Support denials. Inspired by her family law class and caseworker experience, Fatma is eager to embody the values of PBSC and expand her knowledge further as a caseworker at the Family Justice Centre this summer. 


Shannon Ray
Western University

Shannon Ray is a student caseworker with the Family Justice Centre. She is passionate about helping families access and navigate the justice system. Prior to attending law school at Western University, Shannon worked as a legal assistant in family law and as an assistant with other non-profit organizations. She completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Guelph in Environmental Science.


In her free time, Shannon loves to read, spend time with friends and get creative through beading and painting.  

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Alison MacDougall
Queen's University

Alison McDougall is entering her 3rd year at Queen's University Faculty of Law. Alison completed her Bachelor's of Human Ecology, concentrating in Family Social Sciences and Psychology at the University of Manitoba. Before returning to law school, Alison had a successful career in Sales and Marketing, working in both corporate manufacturing and professional sport.  

Alison is passionate about understanding the innerworkings of the family and helping to break problematic cycles within them.


Additionally, growing up in a remote community has opened her eyes to the large gap in access to justice that the FJC aims to fill. She looks forward to giving back to her community through the FJC and throughout her future career. 


Sarah Bonner-Proulx
Lincoln Alexander School of Law

Sarah is an incoming 2L at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, Toronto Metropolitan University. Sarah was born and raised in Northern Manitoba.


Prior to law school, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Life Sciences at the University of Manitoba while working full-time as the Vice-President Advocacy for the university's students' union.


Sarah feels strongly about facilitating access to justice and providing quality services to historically underserved populations. When she’s not at work or school, Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors, experimenting with new recipes and exploring new places with her friends and dog, Sasha. 


University of Windsor

I have just completed my third year of my J.D. I am really passionate about family and criminal law which was increased during the past year when I studied in Yellowknife with the judges at the Supreme Court.


Before attending law school I got my undergraduate in Criminal Justice. I have always been interested in being in the legal system either through policing or law 

I am very adventurous and when not thinking about law I try to travel and explore, either through hiking, or kayaking. I try to take any chance to be out in the wild. 

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Nina Varghese
University of Toronto

Nina is an incoming second year student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. She previously attended the University of Alberta, and has a degree in Finance.  

She is passionate about access to justice, especially in the family law sphere. Since family law is the part of the justice system that touches the most lives, she believes that everyone should be able to access help in navigating this system. Similarly, having seen family and friends struggle to navigate the family law system, she feels passionate about using her knowledge to now help alleviate that burden for others. 

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Abigail Lidster 
University of Windsor

Abigail is passionate about working with families, especially those navigating complicated systems. Abigail is a third-year student in the combined Master of Social Work/Juris Doctor program at the University of Windsor.


Prior to law school, Abigail completed a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Manitoba then worked as a social worker in Saskatchewan and Alberta with families involved in the child welfare system.  

In her free time Abigail enjoys travelling to new places, playing board games, and walking her two dogs. 

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Rosie Giannone  
Osgoode Hall Law School

Rosie Giannone is a second-year law student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Prior to attending law school, she completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and Society at York University. At graduation, she was awarded the Governor General’s Silver Academic Medal, presented to the student who achieves the highest academic standing in a 4-year honours Bachelor degree program. Throughout her undergraduate studies, Rosie worked for the federal government.  

Rosie feels passionate about assisting clients with family law matters and facilitating access to justice. Following her first year of law school, she was a Summer Student at the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. The clinic provides legal services in family, immigration, and sexual assault law to marginalized women who have survived gender-based violence.  

Outside of law, Rosie enjoys visiting art galleries and museums and trying new restaurants. 


Lorissa Jaipaul
University of Windsor

Lorissa is currently a third year law student at the University of Windsor. Prior to coming to law school, she did her Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society and her Master of Arts in Socio-Legal Studies.  

Lorissa is preparing to go into child protection and family law after law school. She has experience working with foster children, at a mental health non-profit, at a civil litigation law firm, at a family law firm, and with self-represented litigants, and she plans to use the knowledge and experience she has gained in these settings to assist clients at the FJC. 


Sophia Tripodi
Osgoode Hall Law School

Sophia Tripodi is a second-year Osgoode Hall Law School student passionate about family law and mediation.


Before beginning her Juris Doctor, Sophia volunteered as a Conflict Resolution Mentor for the Peace-by-Peace Non-Profit Organization. Speaking publicly, she engaged elementary school students across the GTA, teaching active listening, de-escalation, and effective communication skills. Through youth outreach, she discovered several barriers that prevented families from accessing the Family Justice System.   Following, she explored family law opportunities through internships with boutique family law firms and the Family Responsibility Office. Sophia aims to hone her oral advocacy and mediation skills through the Osgoode Mediation Clinic’s Family and Youth Division.


When she is not studying or teaching a preschool class, Sophia enjoys animals and photography. She often combines both interests by taking adorable pictures of her poodles, Theo and Luna.

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Katie Larkin
University of Ottawa

Katie is a third year law student in the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa. Prior to law school, she complete her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Queen’s University. 


Her interest in family law is based on her extensive experience working with children and seeing firsthand the impacts of family law proceedings on families. This drove her to law school where she has enjoyed studying family law and child protection. In addition to working with the Family Justice Centre, Katie has spent the last two summers working at a prominent family law firm in Stouffville, Ontario. 


Outside of law, Katie enjoys yoga, camping, and trying out local coffee shops with friends. 

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